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Kase behind the wheel of their car

Kase (They/Them)

Glen Carbon, IL
24 Years Old
Became Their Most Authentic Self

A Story About Self-Discovery And Acceptance

Kase was aching to be seen as someone who isn't feminine. Coming out as trans non-binary helped them feel more in control of themself, but having breasts was physically and emotionally restricting. Gender-affirming top surgery allowed Kase to outwardly express what they already knew on the inside and become their most authentic self.

Kase outdoors sitting on a street curb
How Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Changed My Life

Finally, I am aligned.
Finally, this burden is removed.
Now I am just free.

Kase posing with sunglasses
Why I Wanted Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

It felt like my body was betraying me because I didn’t align with how I saw myself in my head.

Kase discussing their procedure
Why I Got Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

I’d wear a sports bra or a binder, and it was incredibly uncomfortable so getting top surgery was the biggest relief of my life.

A portrait of Kase wearing a decorative necklace
Why I Am Telling My Story

Top surgery solved my relationship with myself, but it didn’t solve the way the world views me. I hope telling my story helps with that.

Kase discussing their procedure with family
They Are Sharing Their Transition As A Way To Own Their Identity
Kase wearing athletic clothing
Photos of Kase before their gender affirmation surgery
Kase buttoning the collar of their dress shirt
Kase in the hospital shortly after their gender affirmation surgery
Kase stands triumphantly in pool
Kase taking a selfie
Kase posing shirtless with their skateboard
Learn About Their Procedure

Gender Affirming Plastic Surgery can include one procedure or a combination of procedures depending on the patient’s desired outcome. Kase had one procedure done to remove their breasts.

The Consultation

What Kase learned discussing their options and the risks associated with their procedure.

Kase on a video call with their doctor
Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum discussing aftercare and recovery with Kase
Aesthetic Society Member, Marissa Tenenbaum, MD
Marissa Tenenbaum, MD

Dr. Tenenbaum is a board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon based in St. Louis, MO. She’s been a member of The Aesthetic Society since 2014.

“If you are working towards your own peace of mind and connection with your body, then you’re doing enough.”

Kase posing shirtless with their skateboard

Go Beyond the Before and After