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Joy and Erica at the beach

Erica & Joy

San Diego, CA
Erica is 52 Years Old & Joy is 48 Years Old
Stronger and Healthier

Two Moms Advocate For Their Right To Live Life Without Limitations

Joy and Erica are sisters who experienced significant abdominal separation (diastasis recti) after having kids, and no amount of physical therapy could repair the damage childbirth did to their bodies. They were shocked to learn plastic surgery was the answer and couldn’t believe the positive impact it had on their lives.

Joy and Erica with their family
How Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Changed Our Lives

It has been life-changing in how we feel about ourselves. It’s what we’ve always wanted, to be healthy and strong again.

Photo of Erica
Why We Needed Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

There's a reason stomach muscles go down the front of your body, not the side. Physical therapy couldn’t get our muscles back in place.

Photo of Joy
Why We Got Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

We had that feeling of “are we vain for doing this?” Sure, it’s nice to look better, but surgery is something we both needed medically.

Joy and Erica walking beside the beach
Why We Are Sharing Our Story

People don't talk about how hard pregnancy is on the body and the damage it can cause. Mothers should know surgery is an option.

Erica at the beach
They Are Sharing Their Story So Other Moms Can Get the Support They Deserve
Erica and Joy as teenagers
Erica and Joy during pregnancy
Erica and Joy with babies
Before and after sequence of Joy and Erica's belly
Erica and Joy celebrating Erica's 50th
Camera screen showing Joy and Erica's video
Joy at the beach
Learn About Their Procedure

Post Pregnancy Plastic Surgery includes aesthetic procedures that reverse damage caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Joy and Erica each had Tummy Tuck procedures with a focus on diastasis recti repair to restore their abdominal walls.

Insurance Coverage

How Joy and Erica navigated the insurance process and why it’s important to talk to your surgeon about whether your procedure may be covered.

Erica shaking hands with Dr. Suliman
Dr. Suliman sitting at a table with Erica
Photo of Dr. Suliman
Ahmed S. Suliman, MD

Dr. Suliman is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in San Diego, CA. He’s been a member of The Aesthetic Society since 2020.

“Prioritize your health. If you're not getting answers, keep looking. Know your options, and advocate for yourself.”

Joy and Erica sitting at a small table

Go Beyond the Before and After