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A close up of Eva

Eva (She/Her)

Coos Bay, OR
49 Years Old
Breast Cancer Survivor

A Cancer Survivor's Path To Becoming The New Woman She Is Today

When Eva found out tumors had spread all over her breasts, everything got dark for her. She didn’t want to lose what made her feel feminine, and she was scared for her family’s future. Getting aesthetic plastic surgery with her double mastectomy made her feel whole again.

Eva standing on the beach in fashionable attire
How Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Changed My Life

I'm a new woman.
I’m more confident.
I’m stronger.

Eva dancing on the beach at dawn
Why I Got A Double Mastectomy

The tumors had spread, and I was afraid. My options were to have surgery every year or consider a mastectomy.

Eva relaxing on the beach at dawn
Why I Got Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

All I could think was I don't see myself without my girls. I don't want to have surgery, open my eyes, and not see them.

A close up portrait of Eva
Why I’m Happy I Made This Decision

It was worth all the pain. It was worth it for me and for my family because seeing me complete, they know that I'm fine now.

Eva and her sister
She Wants To Inspire Others To Never Stop Fighting.
Eva smiles while wearing a baseball cap
Eva posing for a photo on jogging path
A portrait of Eva
Eva in the hospital recovering from her procedure
Eva posing for a picture with Dr. Kiya Movassaghi
A portrait of Eva
Eva posing for the camera in an elegant white dress
Learn About Her Procedure

Breast Reconstruction offers a variety of procedures that restore the breast’s form and shape following a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. Eva had a double mastectomy and opted for full reconstruction with implants.

Day of Surgery

How Eva felt the day of her surgery and how her surgeons helped reassure her.

Eva with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Movassaghi
Eva discusses her procedure with, plastic surgeon Kiya Movassaghi, MD
Aesthetic Society member, Kiya Movassaghi MD, FACS
Kiya Movassaghi, MD, FACS

Dr. Movassaghi is a board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon based in Eugene, OR. He’s been a member of The Aesthetic Society since 2006.

“We can fight this, and we can be okay.”

Eva talking with her sister

Go Beyond the Before and After